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IPOPI: PID Principles of Care Publication Translated in Spanish

Friday, 10 July, 2015

IPOPI has kindly sent us a translation of the PID Principles of Care in Spanish. Given the demand by several Spanish speaking stakeholders, we are confident this translation will be very helpful in disseminating these important principles in Spanish speaking regions. IPOPI would like to extend our warmest thanks to Dr Teresa Espanol, Dr…

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New INGID e-Learning Platform!

Sunday, 1 March, 2015

Register today for INGID’s first CME course: Immunoglobulin Therapy: One size does not fit all. The course is available to all members and non-members. The CME course has been developed for nurses and physicians who treat patients suffering from PID or SID. After completing the course, participants should be aware of:…

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New Teaching Material

Friday, 9 January, 2015

Baxter has very kindly allowed us to put on our website the material from a CD-Rom that they sponsored a few years ago. This material cover: Anatomy & Physiology of the immune system Introduction to Primary Immunodeficiencies Primary antibody deficiency IgG subclass deficiency X-linked antibody deficiency Hyper IgM deficiency Selective…

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