ESID IPOPI INGID J Project. Statement of solidarity and support to those affected by the war in Ukraine

With this message we want to pledge our support to the PID community, the physicians and researchers, the PID patients, the nurses and all victims of the war in Ukraine. No event is more disruptive to healthcare than war. Our thoughts are with the many hundreds of thousands of victims of this devastating situation.

We, ESID, IPOPI together with INGID and J Project stakeholders, strongly call for these patients to be able to access their life saving treatment.

We call on national health authorities in countries who face the arrival of refugees from Ukraine to welcome them and to ensure their essential medical care, including PID patients and patients with other rare diseases. 

We call on the European Union to support national health authorities, and especially those from Ukraine and neighbouring countries. 

We call on pharmaceutical companies to explore all possible options to help ensure essential medical care and make immunoglobulin therapy and antiinfectious prophylaxis available to the refugees with PID and to the patients with PID still in Ukraine wherever and whenever feasible. 

We commit to support our affected members, national organisations, patients with PID, staff and friends in and from Ukraine, and broader, all those affected by this horrendous situation. 

We commit to support our colleagues in the countries receiving refugees, trying to deliver essential medical care to PID patients or offering short term fellowships to healthcare professionals. 

Health is a human right, ensuring access to healthcare is our mission and we believe that solidarity can defeat violence.