Friday, 11 March, 2016

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  • Geraldine Dunne - 17th March 2016

    Hi everybody
    Does anybody have any experience of using Abatacept (Orencia) SUB CUT ?

    A 6 year old child with LRBA deficiency has it IV but will start SC soon. In Australia, it is not licensed for children so the manufacturer will not provide any information to me.

    Is there any specific information anybody can share, either about it’s administration or side effects including local injection site reactions ?


    • Marie-Claude Levasseur - 21st March 2016

      Hi! I know it is license in Canada for children’s . I never had the chance to use it .. Never heard bad comment about it..when I asked if it was more painfull than another sc, the rep said no.

      • Geraldine Dunne - 1st April 2016

        thank you

        is there anybody in this group from Canada please ?
        that would be very helpful


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