INGID meeting 2017 in Edinburgh. Plans are underway!

INGID Program 2017


It’s an exciting time for us here on the INGID board-; preparations are well and truly under way for the INGID program in Edinburgh this September.

Due to the now yearly meeting, INGID will run 2  x half -day program covering some of, but not only the following topics:

Practical sessions such as choosing the appropriate needle length for your SCIg patient

Aspects of care for your PID patient from a genetics counsellor

The role of the specialist nurse working in Immunology across different countries

The official launch of the INGID SCIg education video.


Here is the draft program so far:

Monday 11th September 18h00 – Welcome Reception

12 September 2017 – Tuesday

08h00-08h30 – Opening and Housekeeping

08h30-09h30 – The role of the immunology nurse a global perspective –

09h30-10h00- European Guidelines follow up / Introduction of Train the Trainer Video  –

10h00-10h30-Coffee Break, Exhibition & E-Poster Discussion

10h30-11h00-The physics of the needle length in Immunology therapy –

11h00-12h00- Interactive session – Possible needle length complications –

13 September 2017 – Wednesday

08h00-08h45 – Future of genetics and PID –

08h45-10h00 – Genetic counselling in PID

10h00-10h30- Coffee Break, Exhibition & E-Poster Discussion

10h30-11h15-Management of difficult autoimmune patients with PID –

11h15-11h45- Social media and nursing –

12h00 – Closing session INGID

14 September 2017 – Thursday

08h00- 09h00 – PID Development (ESID working group)

13h00 – Closing session – Carla Duff


We hope to see you all there !

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