INGID News December 2022

The new INGID Board

Photo taken during our last Zoom board meeting. From top left:


Julia Hews-Girard (Secretary)

Patricia Luck (Vice-President)

Lisa Smith (Treasurer)

Mary Louise Daly (Board Member)

Rosalind Fisher (President)

Ruchi Saka (Director of Communications)

Sary Workman (Board Member affiliated)

Gothenburg 2022

We are tying up all the loose ends following our hugely successful conference and wanted to let you know that there are some lovely official photographs on our web-site.

The General Meeting minutes are now approved and are also available on the website.


Education and Research

Director of Education

We are very happy to announce that Karlien Claes has agreed to work with us as our Director of Education. We warmly welcome Karlien who is a very experienced nurse working at the University Hospital, Ghent in Belgium. She will be coordinating putting together an educational package for INGID along with some other exciting projects, please see her picture and a short biography on the website.


Journal Club

After launching the first INGID Journal Club at the conference in Gothenburg, we are happy to start it on a regular basis in January. It will be held monthly and alternate between more adult and more pediatric related articles. To find out which date and time works for most people, we will try different options. The main aim is to share new evidence and discuss it. The research methodology will always be briefly explained, and the quality of the article will be appraised. We hope to have an animated discussion afterwards, where we focus on practical implications and aspects, different approaches and your experiences. The journal club us open to every member and no prior knowledge is required.


The first INGID Journal Club will take place on January the 24th 16.00 CET and the paper we will present is “Economic impact of self-administered subcutaneous versus clinic-administered intravenous immunoglobulin G therapy in Alberta Canada: a population-based cohort study” by Ritchie et al. 2022. We hope to welcome many members. If you would like to participate, please contact Karlien:  or Patricia:   before January 17th, 2023 so we can send you the Zoom Link. The session will be recorded and uploaded to the members section of the INGID web-site for those who are not able to participate, but would still like to see it.


And please save the dates for the following JCs:

February 23rd 2023 18.00 CET (with a pediatric focus)

March 20th 2023 18.00 CET (with an adult focus)

April 26th 2023 16.00 CET (with a pediatric focus)


If there are any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Karlien or Patricia.


Director of Research

Through education and research INGID are committed to building new nursing knowledge about immunodeficiencies, treatments and support to patients and their families to improve their quality of life. We are looking for a member of INGID to become our Director of Research as we plan to develop a research program on transition of PID patients in different countries.

The Director of Research will work closely with and be supported by INGID board members who have expertise in research. This position offers the opportunity to develop research skills, to access mentoring and to help develop a robust research program within INGID. 

The Director of Research will work with stakeholders, the membership and the INGID board to develop and implement projects that are consistent with the aims and views of the INGID organisation. The director will facilitate connections between members (for multicenter studies), between the membership and funders (including identifying grant opportunities), and between the membership and the board.


Applications for this position are open to everyone and we can provide more information if you are interested in this unique and special opportunity. Please do send us a short bio containing your experiences and a few lines on why you are motivated to take this position by the end of January 2023.  Also, are there any members who are happy to collaborate with the director and board on a research program? Please also let us know and if there are any questions feel free to contact Julia, Ros or Patricia.


Grant available for small individual research project

Equilybrium offer a medical educational portal and they offer annual grants in different disciplines and are opening this grant in 2023 to immunology nurses. Proposals are sought for research that aims to improve the management/quality of life for patients treated with intravenous immunoglobulin. The deadline is May 2023, and the grant is for 15,000 euros.  Further information is available here:

We think this is a great opportunity and we encourage those interested to apply.  If you have questions please feel free to contact any board member.


ESID/INGID/IPOPI Conference 2026

Thank you to all those members who voted for the 2026 conference venue and the results will be announced very soon.  Our next conference is in Marseilles (France) in 2024.


Nurse Contact List

We have a list of INGID nurses who have kindly made themselves available to our members.  These nurses can be used as a resource and point of contact if anyone needs information about immunology healthcare in a particular country.  It has been very popular and is a well-used resource on the website.  It is currently being updated and so is temporarily unavailable and we are looking for nurses who would be willing to be added to this list.  All those who are on the present list will be contacted and asked if they wish to remain as a nurse contact. 

We would like to encourage you to put your name forward if you are able to be a nurse contact for your country.


Festive greetings

The INGID Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for your involvement in and contributions to INGID throughout 2022.

Wherever you are in the world we wish you a healthy, restful and peaceful holiday season.

We are very much looking forward to engaging with you and working alongside you again in 2023.

The members of the INGID Board

Rosalind, Patricia, Ruchi, Julia, Sary, Lisa and Mary-Louise