INGID Organisational Chart

INGID board would like to share with it’s members the current organisational chart which has been updated. This should assist members in knowing who board members are,  what each board members role is and how we serve, you, the members. 

INGID board members roles are entirely voluntary.








The Board is responsible for the management of INGID`s activities and constitutes INGID`s highest decision–making body between General Meetings. It consists of a President and four members. The board members are appointed at the General Meeting by INGID members. Decisions within the INGID Board will be made by simple majority. The President will have the casting vote. The President is appointed for two years and other members of the Board are appointed for four years. The Board members should be elected in such a way that half of them are elected every other year. The election is to be specified with the roles (i.e. treasurer, secretary, vice president, president and communications director) so that the candidates know the role to which they choose to stand for possible election. In order to maintain the international mission of INGID, geographical representation is taken into account when electing the members of the Board. The Board is authorized to co-opt an INGID member; from the coming host country of the conference, onto the Board. The Board has a quorum if three members are present. It shall meet at least four times a year (telephone conferences are also recognized as meetings). If a Board member resigns prior to the next General Meeting, the Board should notify the Election Committee and together recruit an INGID member to act as a Board Member until the next General Meeting.




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