Join Us

There are many benefits to joining INGID. You will not only become part of an international organisation for all primary immunodeficiency nurses, but you’ll also be able to easily contact other nurses in the specialty for advice, support, ideas, and experiences.

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of having an INGID membership include:

  • Contact and friendship with other immunology nurses in your own and different countries
  • Access to a wide range of online educational resources
  • Access to an interactive forum to connect and discuss experiences with other nurses
  • Discounts to attend INGID international conferences
  • Member-only content on the INGID website
  • Right to attend the INGID General Meetings
  • Contribute to the work and influence of INGID

You do not have to pay for your INGID membership


How to apply for membership

You have to renewal your membership if you get a new e-mail address, new telephone number, move to another clinic etc otherwise it will not be possible for the Board to send the information you need. You also need to update your membership before each bi-annual INGID Conference. Please fill in the online renewal application form here.

How to renew your membership

You do not have to pay for your membership in INGID but if you want to make a voluntary contribution to the organisation it is very much appreciated (please see different payment options.

INGID has played a integral role in my experience and education. I was fortunate enough to attend the ESID/INGID Conference in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010 where I made great connections with nurses and received invaluable education. I continue to benefit from the email list serve and website for immunology information.

Ashleigh A Hussey, RN, BSN