Pflegeneztwerk Immunologie Bericht 17.3.2016

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The German speaking immunology nursing group, Pflegenetzwerk Immunologie, had a very successful meeting in Basel on the 17th March. We had nurses from Freiburg, Zurich and naturally Basel.

”We had an interesting programme and the topics that were discussed included:

Immunology and allogene Stammzelltransplantation – Dr Gayathri Nair

  • PID / vacines / research – Prof Mike Recher
  • Report from IPIC 2015 – Gaby Strotmann
  • Rapid Push; experiences from London –Marion Klima
  • ESID Datenbank – Heinrike Ritterbusch
  • APN Immunology –what can you measure?- MaryLouise Daly”

…and of course our agm.

The importance and value of such a meeting was appreciated by all who attended. Thank you to José Bol for organising the programme and to all who contributed on the 17th March

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