Preparation for Brussels INGID meeting are underway: we want your input and a few ‘teasers’ about the event.

This week the INGID board met to discuss topics for our meeting in Brussels and so preparations are under way for another great program.

We have listened to your feedback and as a results have yet again tweaked the program based on your requests and needs.

We will be holding half- day programs due to the fact that this has been popular and this also allows time to access some of the ESID presentations, which many of you have expressed a desire to do.

We are interested to hear on the following topics from all of our members:


  • Do you have a difficult case that you would like to share, either to offer other nurses your experience or to find solutions ? We will be holding a session that is based on YOUR contributions of tricky- to- manage situations while caring for patients with PID or SID. Please start sending them in to any board member.


  • We will hold a very Informal session in Brussels based on IMMUNOLOGY NURSING AROUND THE GLOBE and we need YOU . We would particularly like to hear from nurses working in Immunology in Asia, the middle east, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern Europe or any country which may not be commonly represented at our meetings. We would love you to come and spend 10 minutes telling us about your role in your local area. The topic is not intended to be scientific and can be as colourful as you would like. people whose first language is not English are most welcome. If you think you would like to tell us about Immunology nursing in your country but may need help, please ask any board member for support: we are here to help you share your experience.



Of course, we are also planning our INGID networking event, where you can take the opportunity to spend some informal time with nurses from around the globe.

The images below holds a clue as to the location of our networking event…..


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