3rd Asia Pacific Society of Immunodeficiency (APSID) 2020 Chandigarh, India

The 3rd Asia Pacific Society of Immunodeficiency (APSID) 2020 was held this year in Chandigarh, India. The venue was Bhargava auditorium at the Post graduate Institute of medical education and research (PGIMER) which is the base for the leading paediatric centre in India and this includes paediatric immunology.

APSID is a biannual meeting and focuses on countries within the Asia Pacific region.
INGID were honoured to be invited this year by the organising committee for the first time.
IPOPI was also invited and this gave both groups an opportunity to ultimately collaborate and promote patient care. This vision has given both groups a foundation for ongoing relationships with the members of APSID.
In India nurse specialists do not exist,  although many nursing staff are educated to master’s degree level and have a solid knowledge and are experts in the area in which they work.
Geraldine Dunne had the pleasure of representing INGID and delivered talks to approximately 50 Nursing staff. As Geraldine has a specialist role in paediatric PID, this was a good match for the audience although some nursing staff also care for adults undergoing HSCT.


HSCT in PID; nursing care prior to, during and after.
This was an opportunity to focus on the pivotal role that specialist nurses have in the care of children undergoing HSCT and the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach. The aspect of patient & family education prior to HSCT was given some importance given the impact of infection prevention and adherence to strategies can potentially have on the child. Geraldine also discussed aspects of tissue typing and all other aspects of care that differentiate HSCT in PID rather than malignancy.
The talk generated much discussion and many questions. With a population of 1.4 billion people and a very high consanguinity rate, Indian nursing staff are met with many challenges in the area of Primary Immunodeficiency.
Nurse educators from the PGIMER nursing faculty were present to chair the meetings.


Geraldine Dunne with Nurse educators and Nurses who have completed Masters in Nursing from PGIMER

Immunoglobulin replacement therapy.
This is an exciting time for PID patient’s requiring immunoglobulin therapy and those who care for them in India, as the launch of the first ever Sub Cutaneous Ig product occurred at APSID Chandigarh. Until now, treatment options were limited to IVIg in India but India is able to now offer a SCIg product.
The timing therefore for this presentation was wonderful. Local nursing staff had a wealth of knowledge on issues surrounding IVIg but are new to the nuances of SCIg. The presentation again generated much discussion and many questions and Geraldine, on behalf of INGID hope that this relationship will now be ongoing.


Poster presentations

Geraldine Enjoying a tour of the aspects of the Immunology department
Immunoglobulin replacement therapy for patients with PID Ms Ruchi Saka MSc Nursing
Ms Ruchi Saka cares for many of the children at PGIMER who live with PID and also manages the infusion centre where they attend for their IVIg.
Ruchi presented a talk to the group which offered a developing country perspective and was both interesting and complex.

Mr Pramod, MSc nursing also gave a short talk on aspects of Immunology nursing. 

Following the presentations, Geraldine was fortunate enough to undertake a tour of the paediatric immunology ward/ unit and also the nursing faculty in the school.

IPOPI also conducted various patient information sessions and many families with children who are living with PID attended.
The presentations varied: local patient group leaders presented as well as Martine Pergent from IPOPI. Children enjoyed various activities which allowed the parent’s time to ask questions and join in the discussions.

Ms Rajni Sharma, Clinical psychologist,  presented information to all attendees on aspects of psychosocial care of parents and families living with PID, including the impact of chronic illness and ways to manage it. 



Geraldine with members from IPOPI and attendees from the Scientific sessions
Fiona Bradman talking to people living with HAE
Dr Roshini Abraham presenting on a topic that is interesting to many candidates: new born screening
Dr Roshini Abraham presenting on a topic that is interesting to many candidates: new born screening



INGID hope to continue this wonderful relationship with PGIMER and with the organisers of APSID and that we can continue to learn from each other to benefit patients in the Asia pacific region. 

INGID are very grateful to have been invited by the APSID organisers. 



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