2020: Year of the Nurse among the COVID 19 Pandemic: thoughts for the month of March

Writing this and reflecting on the events of the last 2 weeks, I think I can safely assume that we are all feeling similar emotions and experiencing similar thoughts. Our professional worlds have been turned upside down by an unprecedented (in most of our lifetimes at least) pandemic. We are surrounded by uncertainty and by high levels of stress and anxiety.

This has caused me to reflect on the important work that nurses do. In many cases it is invisible work,  however it is work that is of crucial importance to people living with Immunodeficiency.

In times such as these, it is often nurses on the end of the phone providing advice, offering care, compassion and sometimes humour to concerned individuals and their families. It is commonly nurses who ensure that essential treatments  continue and that people feel supported and remain connected despite being cared for virtually or remotely.

Many nurses will soon be redeployed to the ‘font line’ as it were to help deal with the many expected cases of people ill with COVID 19. It is their ability to be flexible and to adapt that will ensure this happens successfully.

Nurses are a  disparate group. Our roles are varied and many. It can be very difficult to define what work nurses actually do.

We can all be proud of the work we do. Despite the current chaos, let’s endeavor to remember that 2020 is STILL the year of the nurse and we are doing it justice so far!


If any of you would like to share some insights into your current role, into your changing role due to COVID 19 or to reach out and ask your colleagues questions, we are here to listen to and support each other.


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