Congratulations to Beth Younger, INGID member on her recent award. Exceptional Members of the Medical Community Honored

A huge congratulations from INGID to one of our members, Beth Younger on her recent award.

Exceptional members of the medical community were honored at IDF 2017 National Conference. The IDF Art of Nursing Award, which pays tribute to a member of the nursing community who has extensively contributed toward improving the diagnosis and care of patients with PI, was presented to M. Elizabeth M. Younger, CRNP, PhD of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and member of the IDF Nurse Advisory Committee.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Beth about her award and what it means to her and the patients she cares for. She also told me a little about what her working day involves:

I started in Hematology/Oncology and came to Immunology almost serendipitously as I was looking for a position after doing my post-doctoral work.

I have a faculty appointment as an assistant professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  My days are juggled around direct patient care, managing the aspects of patient care, working up new patient referrals and research. Currently I manage over 400 patients receiving immunoglobulin replacement therapy and many others with immunologic problems not affecting antibody production, like CGD and complement deficiency.

I was overwhelmed and humbled by the IDF award, especially because it came from my peers in recognition of what I do.  As the cliché goes, we all become health care providers to Help people and to make a difference.  It is a cliché, because most of the time it is true.  I like to think the award was validation that I have succeeded and truly have made a difference for the patients and families who deal with primary immunodeficiencies, as well as my colleagues.

Please join me in congratulating Beth and sharing her experience with us here at INGID.

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