Getting to know your members and their roles: Carla Duff and her new role

This month I interviewed INGID’s president Carla Duff who has recently undertaken a new role.

Carla is now a member of the clinical faculty in the University of South Florida College of Nursing.

Her role includes serving as a faculty adviser to paediatric nurse practitioner students.  She observes and evaluates their clinical skills as well as their documentation and provides feedback as needed.  

Carla is pleased that the position affords her the opportunity to share her expertise with the  students.  

Carla was invited to join the faculty. Prior to this, she was engaged as a preceptor for nurse practitioner students for 7 years and also gave a lecture at the University every semester on Immunology 101.  This has no doubt placed her in a good position to build on those skills to now assist Nurse practitioner students.


Congratulations from all of us at INGID!

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