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The Governance of INGID The General Meeting is the highest decision making/taking body of INGID. In-between the INGID Meetings the INGID Board works on behalf of the members. The General Meeting is held every second year.

The aims and principals of the INGID are stated in the INGID Constitution. The Election Committee is also part of the governance of INGID. It should be a close communication between the Board and the Election Committee. However, the Election Committee is neutral and independent in relation to the Board.

It is therefore not possible to be both member of the Board and member of the Election Committee. The Role of the Election Committee The Election Committee is the “executive arm” of the members to nominate names of INGID members so they can be considered for possible election to any position of the INGID Board, or other vacancies within the various committees within INGID, and to make possible changes within the Board that the members consider necessary.

The Election committee consists of three people elected by the INGID members at the General Meeting. The task for the Election Committee is to nominate candidates for the Board and for the Election Committee itself. The Election Committee works as follows: Det går inte att visa bilden. Det finns inte tillräckligt med ledigt minne för att kunna öppna bilden eller så är bilden skadad. Starta om datorn och öppna sedan filen igen. Om det röda X:et fortfarande visas måste du kanske ta bort bilden och sedan infoga den igen.


• The work begins 4-6 months prior to General Meeting with the Election Committee having an initial meeting to arrange the Election committee agenda to ensure the process will ensure a smooth meeting and election process.

• The Election Committee members will then contact the board members individually to evaluate the collaboration within the Board over the last 2 years.

• Examples of questions put forward can be: o How do you look upon the work within the Board during the current period?

o As a Board, do you think that you have you met your agreed targets?

o Do you think you as a group has achieved what is expected from you?

o Are you happy with your own role and achievements?

o Do you think the working environment within the board has changed?

o How do you think the working climate within the Boards has been?

o Do you consider any changes to the Board to ensure all targets are met within the agreed period?

o As you see it, are there any changes that are necessary to do to continue to have/to get a well-functioning INGID Board?

• The response to the Election Committee is strictly confidential and only discussed among the members of the Election Committee.

• Board Members or members of the Election Committee whose term of office has been completed are being asked to consider standing for re-election – if the interviews above have not alleviated re-election issues for the Election Committee suggesting it would be better to ask a person not to remain in their role (or even step down from a position before a term is up). Any such contact with a Board member will be organized by the Election Committee.

• Once the list with suggested nominees for election to the INGID Board or other positions is complete that list will then be forwarded to the INGID Board 5 weeks before the next General Meeting.

• The Board has no authority to alter the list before discussing with the Election Committee. Any changes should be agreed with the Election Committee and done by the latter.

• The suggested candidates for election or re-election will be distributed by the INGID Board to all INGID members along with all other relevant documents required for the General Meeting. How does the Election Committee find candidates for the different positions? Prior to the General Meeting the Election Committee will contact all listed INGID members to ask for suggested nominations. Every member of INGID is welcome to contact the Election Committee directly. The names and e-mail addresses to the persons constituting the Election Committee is on the INGID website, but will also be given in the e-mail that is sent out to ask for suggested nominations.


The Board members should be nominated for election in such a way that at least 50% of them are elected every other year. The Election Committee will highlight the vacancies available for each role, e.g treasurer, secretary, or any other role with a vacancy to be filled. It is possible for INGID members to put themselves, or anyone else, forward as a possible candidate for any given position.

Also INGID members that are unable to attend the INGID Meeting, and thereby the General Meeting, can be put forward for election. At the General Meeting, new suggested names for a position as a Board member can be put forward by attendees, but it is most strongly preferable to send the suggested name, a presentation of the INGID member, why the member wants to enter the Board and in what way the member can contribute to the development of the INGID to the Election Committee prior the General Meeting.

It is not possible for any Board member at the General Meeting to alter suggestions made by the Election Committee without prior notice, or to put names forward, without having discussed the matter with the Election Committee previously. The Election of the Election Committee The Election Committee has a significant influence on the development of INGID. It is therefore important that the three members currently in post have an in-depth knowledge about INGID as an organization, its history and ultimate goals.

Also the geographical representation of the members of the Election Committee should be taken into consideration. Members for the Election Committee are being elected at each General Meeting for a 2-year period.

The Election Committee puts forward three names for the members to consider.

Also regarding the election of the Election Committee the INGID members are encouraged to get in contact with Election Committee during the months before the General Meeting with suggestions for persons willing to enter the Election Committee.


Ann Gardulf  Fran Ashworth  Sarita Workman

update July 2016

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