Have you ever considered being a member of the INGID Board or on the Election Committee

Have you ever considered becoming an INGID Board Member or a member of the Election Commitee?
Or do you know anyone who you would like to nominate?
Here is your chance!
First call for nominations
• During the INGID Meetng in Barcelona we will get together again and have the opportunity to meet and to discuss important nursing issues regarding the care of PID patients.
• As always there will also be a General Meetng with among other things elections of new members to the Board and maybe also to the Election Commitee (EC).
• The EC is therefore now looking for INGID members interested to stand for election.
• Being part of the INGID Board or the EC is a very interesting and exciting opportunity for any member. You become a member of a group that supports you, your will be trained in international collaboration (important for your CV), you will get opportunities to travel and you will make friends for life all over the world.
• If you are interested in having a direct influence over the development of INGID through leading positions or would like more information, please contact the EC. Even if you are unable to make the meeting in Barcelona but would still like to be considered, please do contact us: ,
and/or .
• Send your nominations or suggestions directly to the EC. The closing date is 5th of August 2016. You can find more information about the EC, see below.
• We look forward to hearing from you!/The Election Commitee

The Role of the INGID Election Commitee
• The Election Commitee is neutral and independent in relation to the Board.
• Every member of INGID is welcome to contact the Election Commitee directly.
• Any information to the Election Commitee is strictly confidential.
• A list with nominees will be forwarded by the Election Commitee to the INGID Board
• This list will be distributed by the INGID Board to all members along with the relevant documents required for
the General Meetng.

INGID – Elections to the Board 2016

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