INGID in 2016

Dear members

2016 has seen many exciting developments for the INGID group.

The INGID board have attended a variety of conferences and conducted workshops in a variety of settings throughout the world.

In 2016 INGID board members have been to Argentina, Hong Kong, Algiers – attending conferences, holding workshops and promoting the role of nurses in the PID community. At these meetings, INGID was able to develop contacts with nurses in these different regions and consequently increase our membership. This increase in our membership was significantly boosted by the removal of membership fees. The INGID membership voted by a majority to remove the fee and consequently remove a barrier to nurses joining our group.

As you can see from our link below the INGID membership numbers, we are truly an international nursing group and this is evident from the spread of the countries where our members are located. We are all looking forward to the contributions that our new members will bring. There are exciting times ahead where we can share practice and support each other in our different work settings.

There are many ways that our new and not so new members can stay in touch with the activities of INGID. Our website: is our main platform for announcing our activities but if you are active on social network sites please follow us on twitter: ‎@INGID_Tweets and Facebook.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the board please contact any board member. All their contact details are available on the website:

We would also encourage you to look at the e-learning opportunities available through INGID. This is free of charge and available in several different languages. So please have a look at it and let us know how you get on. Feedback is welcome.

List of countries where INGID members come from

At our conference in Barcelona, for the first time, we awarded nurse achievement awards to recognize some of the fantastic nurses within our community. Once again congratulations to Emily Carne, UK and Nabila Al-Siyabi, Oman for being the first nurses to receive these awards.

This is planned as a biennial event – so there will be more awards in 2018. It is really important that we as a nursing group celebrate and acknowledge our own nurses for their achievements. So keep it in mind for 2018 and consider who is doing what in immunology nursing in your country.

We on the INGID Board wish everyone a happy holiday period and if you are celebrating Christmas – a peaceful and happy festive season.

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