New INGID e-Learning Platform!

Register today for INGID’s first CME course: Immunoglobulin Therapy: One size does not fit all. The course is available to all members and non-members.

The CME course has been developed for nurses and physicians who treat patients suffering from PID or SID. After completing the course, participants should be aware of:

  • The differences between the two principal routes of immunoglobulin (Ig) administration; intravenous and subcutaneous
  • New Ig administration options
  • Factors that affect the selection of appropriate Ig administration methods for their patients

The course is accredited by the International Council of Nurses. Those who successfully complete the course and post-course test will receive one International Nursing Education Credit (ICNEC) equivalent to 60 minutes of accredited continuous learning.

Throughout the course there are hyperlinks to further reading material if you are interested in more information.

This course is supported through an educational grant from Baxter Healthcare SA.

Register for the course today!

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