Nurses in focus in WHO’s World Health Report 2020

April 7 is World Health Day and WHO publishes its annual World Health Report





For the first time in the organization’s 72-year history, this year’s World Health Report focuses on nurses’ skills and efforts to save lives and contribute to human health.


The importance of nurses’ competence is not least visible during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Nurses all over the world are making heroic efforts to save people’s lives and alleviate the effects of the pandemic. Many have risked their health and even sacrificed their lives in the fight against the sars-cov-2 virus. Nurses specialised in primary immunodeficiencies now use all their competence and skills to protect their patients.


INGID has contributed to the World Health Report through Ann Gardulf, R.N., and Associate Professor and founder of INGID. Ann has participated invited by WHO as one of many international researchers as Contributor to Evidence Review.


Photo from left: Ann Gardulf, Chief Nursing Officer at WHO, Elisabet Iro, Jan Nilsson, Margret Lepp and Maria Engström.



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