Roles and responsibilities within the INGID board

Late last year I wrote a short piece to welcome the newest INGID board members onto the ‘team’.

To expand on that, the board thought it might be useful and interesting for INGID members to have a little more information on what the board do and how INGID is run.

Have you ever wondered, what goes on behind the scenes? How much work is involved?  What resources and supports INGID have access to in order to make it all happen ? One of our newest board members Karen Henderson recently said …”I had no idea how much work there was to do until I joined the board”…

How is INGID operated ? Who organises everything and how? Good question!


We currently have a total of 7 board members and each of us undertakes specific tasks while also working together on various projects.

The below is a bit of a summary of what each of us does.

Role of INGID President

  • To represent INGID at conferences and meetings
  • Organize the agenda and chair all meetings
  • Has the casting vote in case of a tie
  • Has the final authority for expenditure
  • To manage the activities in accordance with the INGID`s regulations and decisions 
  • To look after the members’ interests in regards to INGID`s aims 
  • To assist with arranging conferences 
  • To appoint any necessary working parties
  • To prepare items for discussion at the General Meeting 
  • To implement the decisions of the General Meeting 

Role of INGID Vice President

  • work with the President in order to learn the role 
  • understand the structure of INGID and its relationship with other organisations  
  • to gain an appreciation of membership requirements and financial obligations
  • Actively participate as a Board member to get the objectives of INGID fulfilled 
  • where necessary, stand-in for the President 

Role of INGID Treasurer:

  • To be responsible for collection and distribution of funds
  • Maintain electronic accounts for auditing purpose
  • Authorise expenditure
  • To present the treasury report bi-annually at the AGM
  • Raise sponsorship for Conference and projects
  • Maintain the membership database
  • Act as liaison for the sponsors

Role of INGID Secretary 

Shared with the Assistant Secretary

  • Welcoming new member’s and sending out surveys to the members where required. 
  • Writing up the monthly board minutes and sending it out to the board also making corrections were needed.    
  • Program planning, inviting speakers, site visits making sure we have alternative options for hotels for delegates etc.  
  • Making sure that the venues are acceptable for the conference and that it is adequate for the needs of the different speakers.   
  • Giving relevant information through to the different organisations as well as the different nurses’ networks.     
  • Organising face to face meetings for the board that may be coming up, organising flights, hotel bookings, making sure everyone is on board with the correct information in regards to upcoming events.  
  • Sending out a survey with a video on the different options with regards to the social event. Calculating the final count for the social event, making sure a booking is done in advance.  Also organising the busses to the social event if needed etc. 
  • Working with Kenes and liaising with the conference organiser on all the aspects of the ESID conference. 
  • Following up on day- to- day business and correspondence, responding to e-mails and general correspondence were it is required. 


Role of INGID Director of Communications:

  • work alongside INGID’s website manager  
  • seeking out marketing opportunities at related conferences 
  • having a social media presence using Twitter and Facebook  
  • connecting with medical colleagues from ESID, patient charities and industries  

Role of INGID Website Manager:

  • work alongside the director of communications
  • work alongside the secretary
  • maintain and update the website as needed including resources, presentations, education, events, and INGID news
  • work along other organizations to ensure adequate and timely communication
  • write and distribute the journal/ newsletter
  • maintain INGID board members information on website
  • work with the appointed IT support 


In particular, preparation for our annual meetings is a hectic time for the board. It’s often helpful to have suggestions from our members. The board is here to work for INGID members so don’t be afraid to provide your input in 2019!

Suggestions for presentation topics in Brussels are welcome!



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