What’s new for World PI week 2019 ? Are you on target for April 22-29?



Lots happening behind the scenes in preparation for World PI week, here is the latest:


World PI Week: a new look & new website!

World PI Week is starting in 2 months! On this occasion, we are excited to launch the new visual identity of the campaign and the new website. We are also announcing the theme of the 2019 campaign


World PI Week new image
2019 brings a refreshed look to the World PI Week campaign. But blue and green remain the World PI Week signature look!
The new logo reflects both the immune system, at the centre of PI, and the sense of togetherness: 

  • The immune system: The Y shape symbolises an antibody and the circle an antigen that an antibody has pursued and attached itself to, preparing to take it to the white blood cell for destruction.
  • Together: The Y and circle symbol also represent people – together and connected within support networks. Colour is used to represent the different groups affected by PI, with the patient in the centre. 

Patient-centred care at the heart of the 2019 campaign
“Putting primary immunodeficiency patients at the centre of their care”.
People with PI are all different: their specific health needs should be taken into consideration in their care pathway.
World PI Week 2019 puts the spotlight on the importance of a holistic approach to patient-centred care, in order to improve the care and quality of life of patients and their families around the world. 

First communications materials are now out!

Click here to download the customizable World PI Week 2019 communications package, including: the new World PI Week logo, the 2019 campaign poster, email signature, social media/website banners.


More advocacy materials will be launched in the coming weeks – stay tuned!



Together, bringing about change for primary immunodeficiency patients worldwide
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